Figuring Things Out


Here lately, I feel like my posts here on A Nerdy Roman Catholic’s Journey haven’t been as good as y’all deserve. And they’re not as good as I want them to be.

And here lately, life’s been happening. So I have an idea.

I might take a break from the regular posting schedule I’ve been (sort of, maybe, barely) keeping up in order to work on what I’m getting out to you guys.

During this time, I can work on forming ideas that I can write about and do so to a better quality than my works have been as of late. And during this time, the posts may come at irregular times. I might still be able to get one out every week, or more than one a week. Or they might come a bit more infrequently. We’ll have to see as I try to get things figured out.

I just ask for your patience as I try to figure out how I’d like to run this site. Especially since the fire I felt for it at its beginning seems to have just about gone out completely.

Thank you for your consideration and patience.


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