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COVID-19 (03.20.2020)


Monday, I put up a post talking about the mandates that the bishop of my diocese made concerning the celebration of the Mass. Well, after I put up this post, I learned about another statement that the bishop (Diocese of Owensboro) made.*

In this statement, he tells us that he’s consulted other authority figures and has decided to suspend Mass until at least Palm Sunday.

And in the days following, the Diocese has put up some guidelines for how liturgies are to be conducted (**) and some prayer resources for people to use at home (***).

For statements, words from the Bishop, and other COVID-19 information concerning the Diocese of Owensboro, please visit their COVID-19 updates page (****).

What follows are some of my personal thoughts on the situation.

The entire situation concerning the coronavirus had become kind of real for me in the days leading up to Friday’s statement from the bishop. But with Friday’s and Monday’s statements, it’s become even more real. It seems scarier now. Previously, I had thought that my religion and my Church were invincible/untouchable when it came to this virus. I know that the Church isn’t immune to the outside world, but I thought we wouldn’t be this drastically affected by this virus. But these statements have proven this thought wrong.

Even though I didn’t start going to Mass on a regular basis until middle school, I knew that Mass was an essential part of our Catholic faith. And having that taken away (albeit for the good of the people of the diocese) feels weird. It feels like the rug’s been wrenched out from underneath my feet. It feels like something essential has been taken away from me. It’s just something that makes this how situation feel all the more real, serious, and scary.

There’s a part of me that wants this virus to go away that way my world can go back to normal and my life can resume its course. That way I can have my Church back in the ways I’m familiar with.

But I guess that’s the thing. This is uncharted territory. We don’t really know how to deal with situations like this. We don’t really know how to move forward in times like this. I guess all we can do is trudge on and hope/pray that it’s slowed down and things can return to something somewhat resembling normal. Or that we can learn how to adapt to this while still holding onto our core values.

We’ll just have to see where it goes and hope that we can get through it in one piece.

Until next time.


*Bishop Medley’s statement on the suspension of Mass.
** Diocese of Owensboro Liturgical Guidelines for during the time of the coronavirus.
*** Diocese of Owensboro Resources for Prayer at Home
**** Diocese of Owensboro Updates/Statements/Resources for the diocese during the coronavirus.

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