Catholic Things

Televised Mass


So with the mandates on no Mass until at least Palm Sunday, I decided to watch Mass on television yesterday morning.

And it felt so odd to do this. Firstly, I didn’t have to get up in time to eat a quick breakfast, get ready, and then drive to church in time for the beginning of Mass. I woke up not long before Mass started, let the dog out, and took care of a couple of things. But I watched Mass from my bed, while still in my pajamas. It just felt so…strange.

And I really didn’t know what to do. Should I just watch? Should I sing along and respond when necessary? I didn’t really know what I needed to do because I’ve never been in this position before.

And it felt weird to be reading along with the Mass readings from my phone instead of the missal in the pew.

And the particular Mass I was watching was being streamed from Alabama, so it felt weird for my own bishop’s name to not be mentioned during Mass. But that was probably the most normal part of the experience because I’ve been to plenty of Masses outside of my own diocese.

But I’m going to have to get used to all of (or most of) these things because watching Mass on a screen is going to have to be my normal for the next little while.

I just hope that this virus can slow down and we can return to church a fairly quick time period.

Until next time.


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